The Kenny Gilmore Band



From Left to right: Kenny Gilmore, Jorge Lao, Michael Rose, Francisco Paz (Pachi)

The Kenny Gilmore band is the brainchild of visiting Southern African musician Kenny Gilmore, and Costa Rican musician Jorge Lao. By combining elements of blues, African and latin music, the Kenny Gilmore band creates a uniquely international sound with a deep resonance and profoundly rich instrumentation. The mission of the Kenny Gilmore band is to create a unique album to be remembered in Costa Rica, and around the world.

Their recently released single ‘Susana’ is currently playing on several radio stations and digital platforms in Costa Rica.

Kenny Gilmore: Raised in the Central African republic of Malawi, this international artist won the Louisiana State Harmonica championship in 2004, and had two number one hits in his home country of Malawi ‘Ngati Mafunde’ and ‘Malawian Queen’. His most recent album ‘Colourblind’, was released in Portugal in 2014.

Kenny Gilmore combines the elements of an explosive stage performer with the insights of a thoughtful songwriter, with a boundary-breaking approach to the harmonica.

Jorge Lao: A greatly-respected and prolific bassist, Jorge is part of the duo act ‘Melao’ which has recently released several songs in Costa Rica. Jorge is also one of the only Costa Rican artists to have been recorded by Sony Costa Rica. Lao is an intensely talented instrumentalist, with a strong background of knowledge in jazz, rock and latin music.

Lao acts as director of the group, and his work can be heard sensitively blending African and Latin styles on the single ‘Susana’. Lao’s virtuosity on the bass guitar adds finesse and elegance to the stage, providing the rhythmic heart of the group.

Michael Rose: Michael Rose is a veteran musician of the US rock and Blues scene. Once selected to play with John Lennon during the peace concerts, and Muddy Waters himself during a spell in Chicago, Michael has shared the stage with a great many acts including the Allman brothers, and played in many groups such as the elephant’s memory. Michael Rose comes from Chicago, and has moved to Costa Rica with the dream of experimenting with new sounds.

Michael Rose is a true voice of the blues, and combines the weight of his experience with an authentic and heartfelt playing style which can set a stage on fire.

Francisco Paz (Pachi): Francisco was a child prodigy in music who won a full music scholarship at the age of 15 to study music at the UCR. What followed was a place at the Berkely school of music studying modern percussion, and a long and successful recording career. Francisco has had more than one hit song to his own name in Costa Rica, and also toured the world as a member of Englebert Humperdink’s orchestra.

With the knowledge and experience of a true veteran, and the passionate soul of an entertainer, Pachi provides a solid backbone for the rhythmic intracies of the group. As if by instinct, Francisco also provides moments of improvised brilliance which adds flair and theatre to the band’s powerful stage performances.